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Kolumbien Chile

Übersicht Kolumbien - Chile (Copa América in Brasilien, Viertelfinale). Liveticker mit allen Spielereignissen, Toren und Statistiken zum Spiel Chile - Kolumbien - kicker. Diese Statistik zeigt in der Übersicht alle Aufeinandertreffen zwischen Chile und Kolumbien.

Kolumbien - Chile

Viertelfinale. / Uhr. Beendet. i.E.. Kolumbien. Chile Begegnungen: 42; Siege Kolumbien: 10; Siege Chile: 15; Unentschieden: Jetzt WM-Qualifikation CONMEBOL schauen: Chile - Kolumbien live auf Eurosport. Ergebnisse, Statistiken, Kommentar und Live-Ticker. Kolumbien. Kolumbien. COL. Kolumbien. Chile. CHI. Chile. Chile. Beendet. Kolumbien. Kolumbien. COL. Kolumbien.

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Arturo Vidal und La Roja wahren Triple-Traum: Kolumbien - Chile 4:5 i.E. - Copa America - DAZN

How to watch Time : Duisburg Gegen WГјrzburg p. Chile's goalkeeper Claudio Bravo pulls off a save. Colombia [U20 Women]. Group 2.

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Scoresway www. Goal www. Stats Perform www. All rights reserved. Data provided by Opta Sports. Articles provided by OMNISPORT. Universidad de Chile.

View events. Santiago Wanderers. Colo Colo. Colombia's relations with Venezuela have fluctuated due to ideological differences between both governments.

The geography of Colombia is characterized by its six main natural regions that present their own unique characteristics, from the Andes mountain range region shared with Ecuador and Venezuela; the Pacific Coastal region shared with Panama and Ecuador; the Caribbean coastal region shared with Venezuela and Panama; the Llanos plains shared with Venezuela; the Amazon Rainforest region shared with Venezuela, Brazil, Peru and Ecuador; to the insular area , comprising islands in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

Colombia is bordered to the northwest by Panama , to the east by Venezuela and Brazil, and to the south by Ecuador and Peru ; [] it established its maritime boundaries with neighboring countries through seven agreements on the Caribbean Sea and three on the Pacific Ocean.

Part of the Ring of Fire , a region of the world subject to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions , [] in the interior of Colombia the Andes are the prevailing geographical feature.

Most of Colombia's population centers are located in these interior highlands. East of the Andes lies the savanna of the Llanos , part of the Orinoco River basin, and in the far southeast, the jungle of the Amazon rainforest.

To the north the Caribbean coast , home to The principal Pacific port is Buenaventura. Colombia has four main drainage systems: the Pacific drain, the Caribbean drain, the Orinoco Basin and the Amazon Basin.

The Orinoco and Amazon Rivers mark limits with Colombia to Venezuela and Peru respectively. Protected areas and the "National Park System" cover an area of about 14,, hectares , The climate of Colombia is characterized for being tropical presenting variations within six natural regions and depending on the altitude, temperature, humidity , winds and rainfall.

Mountain climate is one of the unique features of the Andes and other high altitude reliefs where climate is determined by elevation.

About Colombia is one of the megadiverse countries in biodiversity , [] ranking first in bird species. Colombia is the country with the planet's highest biodiversity, having the highest rate of species by area as well as the largest number of endemisms species that are not found naturally anywhere else of any country.

Colombia has about 2, species of marine fish and is the second most diverse country in freshwater fish. It is also the country with the most endemic species of butterflies , is first in orchid species", and had approximately 7, species of beetles.

Colombia is second in the number of amphibian species and is the third most diverse country in reptiles and palms. There are about 1, species of mollusks and according to estimates there are about , species of invertebrates in the country.

In Colombia there are 32 terrestrial biomes and types of ecosystems. The government of Colombia takes place within the framework of a presidential participatory democratic republic as established in the Constitution of As the head of the executive branch, the President of Colombia serves as both head of state and head of government , followed by the Vice President and the Council of Ministers.

The president is elected by popular vote to serve a single four-year term In , Colombia's Congress approved the repeal of a constitutional amendment that changed the one-term limit for presidents to a two-term limit.

The legislative branch of government is represented nationally by the Congress , a bicameral institution comprising a seat Chamber of Representatives and a seat Senate.

The judicial branch is headed by four high courts , [] consisting of the Supreme Court which deals with penal and civil matters, the Council of State , which has special responsibility for administrative law and also provides legal advice to the executive, the Constitutional Court , responsible for assuring the integrity of the Colombian constitution, and the Superior Council of Judicature , responsible for auditing the judicial branch.

His term as Colombia's president runs for four years beginning 7 August The foreign affairs of Colombia are headed by the President, as head of state, and managed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Colombia was one of the 4 founding members of the Pacific Alliance , which is a political, economic and co-operative integration mechanism that promotes the free circulation of goods, services, capital and persons between the members, as well as a common stock exchange and joint embassies in several countries.

The executive branch of government is responsible for managing the defense of Colombia, with the President commander-in-chief of the armed forces.

The Ministry of Defence exercises day-to-day control of the military and the Colombian National Police. Colombia has , active military personnel.

Colombia's armed forces are the largest in Latin America, and it is the second largest spender on its military after Brazil.

The Colombian military is divided into three branches: the National Army of Colombia ; the Colombian Air Force ; and the Colombian Navy.

The National Police functions as a gendarmerie , operating independently from the military as the law enforcement agency for the entire country.

Each of these operates with their own intelligence apparatus separate from the National Intelligence Directorate DNI, in Spanish.

The National Army is formed by divisions, brigades, special brigades, and special units, [] the Colombian Navy by the Naval Infantry , the Naval Force of the Caribbean, the Naval Force of the Pacific, the Naval Force of the South, the Naval Force of the East, Colombia Coast Guards, Naval Aviation, and the Specific Command of San Andres y Providencia [] and the Air Force by 15 air units.

Departments are subdivided into municipalities , each of which is assigned a municipal seat, and municipalities are in turn subdivided into corregimientos in rural areas and into comunas in urban areas.

Each department has a local government with a governor and assembly directly elected to four-year terms, and each municipality is headed by a mayor and council.

There is a popularly elected local administrative board in each of the corregimientos or comunas. In addition to the capital four other cities have been designated districts in effect special municipalities , on the basis of special distinguishing features.

These are Barranquilla , Cartagena , Santa Marta and Buenaventura. Some departments have local administrative subdivisions, where towns have a large concentration of population and municipalities are near each other for example, in Antioquia and Cundinamarca.

Colombia is a highly urbanized country with Historically an agrarian economy, Colombia urbanised rapidly in the 20th century, by the end of which just Consumption expenditure by households is the largest component of GDP.

The country suffered a recession in the first full year of negative growth since the Great Depression , and the recovery from that recession was long and painful.

However, in recent years growth has been impressive, reaching 6. Total government expenditures account for External debt equals A strong fiscal climate was reaffirmed by a boost in bond ratings.

The financial sector has grown favorably due to good liquidity in the economy, the growth of credit and the positive performance of the Colombian economy.

The electricity production in Colombia comes mainly from Renewable energy sources. Colombia is rich in natural resources, and its main exports include mineral fuels, oils, distillation products , fruit and other agricultural products, sugars and sugar confectionery, food products , plastics, precious stones, metals, forest products, chemical goods , pharmaceuticals , vehicles, electronic products, electrical equipments, perfumery and cosmetics, machinery, manufactured articles, textile and fabrics, clothing and footwear, glass and glassware, furniture, prefabricated buildings, military products, home and office material, construction equipment, software, among others.

Non-traditional exports have boosted the growth of Colombian foreign sales as well as the diversification of destinations of export thanks to new free trade agreements.

In , the National Administrative Department of Statistics DANE reported that The multidimensional poverty rate stands at Tourism generated , jobs 2.

Colombia has more than 3, research groups in science and technology. Co-working spaces have arisen to serve as communities for startups large and small.

Important inventions related to medicine have been made in Colombia, such as the first external artificial pacemaker with internal electrodes , invented by the electronics engineer Jorge Reynolds Pombo , invention of great importance for those who suffer from heart failure.

Also invented in Colombia were the microkeratome and keratomileusis technique, which form the fundamental basis of what now is known as LASIK one of the most important techniques for the correction of refractive errors of vision and the Hakim valve for the treatment of Hydrocephalus , among others.

Some leading Colombian scientists are Joseph M. The population growth rate for is estimated to be 0. The proportion of older persons in the total population has begun to increase substantially.

The population is concentrated in the Andean highlands and along the Caribbean coast , also the population densities are generally higher in the Andean region.

As of [update] Colombia has the world's largest populations of internally displaced persons IDPs , estimated to be up to 4.

The life expectancy is More than Including Spanish, a total of languages are listed for Colombia in the Ethnologue database. The specific number of spoken languages varies slightly since some authors consider as different languages what others consider to be varieties or dialects of the same language.

There are currently about , speakers of native languages. Human biological diversity and ethnicity [1]. Colombia is ethnically diverse, its people descending from the original native inhabitants, Spanish colonists, Africans originally brought to the country as slaves, and 20th-century immigrants from Europe and the Middle East , all contributing to a diverse cultural heritage.

The populations of the major cities also include mestizos. Mestizo campesinos people living in rural areas also live in the Andean highlands where some Spanish conquerors mixed with the women of Amerindian chiefdoms.

Mestizos include artisans and small tradesmen that have played a major part in the urban expansion of recent decades. The census reported that the "non-ethnic population", consisting of whites and mestizos those of mixed European and Amerindian ancestry , constituted Indigenous Amerindians comprise 4.

Raizal people comprise 0. Palenquero people comprise 0. Many of the Indigenous peoples experienced a reduction in population during the Spanish rule [] and many others were absorbed into the mestizo population, but the remainder currently represents over eighty distinct cultures.

Reserves resguardos established for indigenous peoples occupy 30,, hectares , In , Colombia signed and ratified the current international law concerning indigenous peoples, Indigenous and Tribal Peoples Convention, Black Africans were brought as slaves , mostly to the coastal lowlands, beginning early in the 16th century and continuing into the 19th century.

Large Afro-Colombian communities are found today on the Pacific Coast. A number of other Europeans and North Americans migrated to the country in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, including people from the former USSR during and after the Second World War.

Many immigrant communities have settled on the Caribbean coast, in particular recent immigrants from the Middle East and Europe.

Barranquilla the largest city of the Colombian Caribbean and other Caribbean cities have the largest populations of Lebanese , Palestinian , and other Levantines.

The National Administrative Department of Statistics DANE does not collect religious statistics, and accurate reports are difficult to obtain. Some 4.

The remaining people either did not respond or replied that they did not know. In addition to the above statistics, While Colombia remains a mostly Roman Catholic country by baptism numbers, the Colombian constitution guarantees freedom of religion and all religious faiths and churches are equally free before the law.

Colombia lies at the crossroads of Latin America and the broader American continent, and as such has been hit by a wide range of cultural influences.

Native American , Spanish and other European , African , American , Caribbean , and Middle Eastern influences, as well as other Latin American cultural influences, are all present in Colombia's modern culture.

Urban migration, industrialization, globalization, and other political, social and economic changes have also left an impression.

Many national symbols , both objects and themes, have arisen from Colombia's diverse cultural traditions and aim to represent what Colombia, and the Colombian people, have in common.

Cultural expressions in Colombia are promoted by the government through the Ministry of Culture. Colombian literature dates back to pre-Columbian era; a notable example of the period is the epic poem known as the Legend of Yurupary.

Colombian art has over 3, years of history. Colombian artists have captured the country's changing political and cultural backdrop using a range of styles and mediums.

They erected raised ceremonial centres, sarcophagi , and large stone monoliths depicting anthropomorphic and zoomorphic forms out of stone.

Colombian art has followed the trends of the time, so during the 16th to 18th centuries, Spanish Catholicism had a huge influence on Colombian art, and the popular baroque style was replaced with rococo when the Bourbons ascended to the Spanish crown.

Since the s, the Colombian art started to have a distinctive point of view, reinventing traditional elements under the concepts of the 20th century.

Carlos Correa, with his paradigmatic "Naturaleza muerta en silencio" silent dead nature , combines geometrical abstraction and cubism. The Colombian sculpture from the sixteenth to 18th centuries was mostly devoted to religious depictions of ecclesiastic art, strongly influenced by the Spanish schools of sacred sculpture.

During the early period of the Colombian republic, the national artists were focused in the production of sculptural portraits of politicians and public figures, in a plain neoclassicist trend.

Colombian photography was marked by the arrival of the daguerreotype. Jean-Baptiste Louis Gros was who brought the daguerreotype process to Colombia in The Piloto public library has Latin America's largest archive of negatives, containing 1.

The Colombian press has promoted the work of the cartoonists. In recent decades, fanzines , internet and independent publishers have been fundamental to the growth of the comic in Colombia.

Throughout the times, there have been a variety of architectural styles , from those of indigenous peoples to contemporary ones, passing through colonial military and religious , Republican, transition and modern styles.

Ancient habitation areas, longhouses, crop terraces , roads as the Inca road system , cemeteries, hypogeums and necropolises are all part of the architectural heritage of indigenous peoples.

The National Capitol is a great representative of romanticism. The Caribbean architecture acquires a strong Arabic influence. Deco style, modern neoclassicism , eclecticism folklorist and art deco ornamental resources significantly influenced the architecture of Colombia, especially during the transition period.

The contemporary architecture of Colombia is designed to give greater importance to the materials , this architecture takes into account the specific natural and artificial geographies and is also an architecture that appeals to the senses.

Colombia has a vibrant collage of talent that touches a full spectrum of rhythms. Musicians, composers, music producers and singers from Colombia are recognized internationally such as Shakira , Juanes , Carlos Vives and others.

Colombia has a diverse and dynamic musical environment. The music from the Pacific coast , such as the currulao , is characterized by its strong use of drums instruments such as the native marimba , the conunos, the bass drum , the side drum , and the cuatro guasas or tubular rattle.

An important rhythm of the south region of the Pacific coast is the contradanza it is used in dance shows due to the striking colours of the costumes.

Important musical rhythms of the Andean Region are the danza dance of Andean folklore arising from the transformation of the European contredance , the bambuco it is played with guitar, tiple [] and mandolin , the rhythm is danced by couples , the pasillo a rhythm inspired by the Austrian waltz and the Colombian "danza", the lyrics have been composed by well-known poets , the guabina the tiple , the bandola and the requinto are the basic instruments , the sanjuanero it originated in Tolima and Huila Departments, the rhythm is joyful and fast.

The instruments that distinguish the music of the Eastern Plains are the harp , the cuatro a type of four-stringed guitar and maracas.

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Try this website: [www. AndesTransit: Official Site Journey to the unseen But there were many other groups.

The most famous were the Muiscas. The king of the Muiscas used to bathe in Lake Guatavita and he used a lot of gold for his bath.

The Spanish heard about this, and the people told them that there was a great golden city somewhere. They started to look for El Dorado.

The descendants of the first peoples of Colombia live integrated with others. Some groups live in the forest, but many live in the countryside and in the cities.

The Spanish, led by Christopher Columbus , first came to the Americas in Columbus saw the coasts of Venezuela , Colombia and Panama and he gave them his own name.

After that, the Spanish founded the first European cities on the American continent: Santa Marta in and Cartagena de Indias in It was from Colombia that the Spanish conquered the Incas of Peru.

Spain would enslave the indigenous peoples who were already living there, but they also used the port they built at Cartagena to bring many black slaves from Africa into the area.

The Spanish captured many, many people from Africa and forced them to work on plantations and ranches , in mines , and as personal servants.

Soon after, it was declared a Viceroyalty. On November 11, , the city of Cartagena de Indias declared its independence from Spain.

He was a politician, journalist and soldier. Bolivar was another important leader, and he was a president and a colonel. But he only agreed because he was afraid the slaves would revolt against the slaveowners, like they did in Haiti , and only freed slaves if they agreed to fight in his army.

The geography of Colombia has six main natural regions. Each has its own unique characteristics. The Andes mountain region shares borders with Ecuador and Venezuela.

The Pacific Coast region shares borders with Panama and Ecuador. The Caribbean coastal region shares borders with Venezuela and Panama.

The Llanos plains shares a border with Venezuela. The Amazon Rainforest region shares a border with Venezuela, Brazil , Peru and Ecuador.

The insular region includes all the islands of the country. Colombia has four main drainage systems : the Pacific drain, the Caribbean drain, the Orinoco Basin and the Amazon Basin.

Most of the population lives in the Andes region. But the plains make over half the land. Ciudad Perdida, Sierra Nevada, Colombia. El Correcaminos es un vendedor ambulante que camina por las calles y playas del Caribe Colombiano, aqui se encuentra en Cartagena de Indias.

The Roadrunner is a street seller that keeps on moving in the streets and beaches of the Colombian Caribbean, here he is in Cartagena de Indias.

Santiago de Cali, Colombia. Vendedora de pescado y su puesto en la plaza del mercado de Bazurto en Cartagena de Indias. Explore J NAJERA's photos on Flickr.

Barça Madrid, die Auswahl der Barça Madrid reichhaltig. - Letzte Spiele

Chile [U17 Frauen]. It has many valleys, beaches, plains, mountains and forests like the Online Lotto Spielen rainforest. The Ministry of Defence exercises day-to-day control of the military and the Colombian National Quick Hits Platinum Slot Machine. Articles provided by OMNISPORT. Like us on Facebook. Encomienda y mita en Nueva Granada en el siglo XVII. We Kolumbien Chile The World People Around The World Around The Ing Diba Erfahrungen Latin America South America Equador African Diaspora World Market. Editorial CSIC-CSIC Press. One of the most important rivers in Colombia is the Magdalena-Cauca. This article is about the country. The census reported that the "non-ethnic population", consisting of whites and mestizos those of mixed European and Amerindian ancestryconstituted 21/6/ · Wer gewinnt das zweite Halbfinale und zieht ins Finale ein? Was denkt ihr?Author: Fifa Prognosen. Colombia y Chile jugarán a las pm de este jueves en el Estadio Olímpico de Riobamba. En la última fecha del Grupo A se enfrentarán la Selección Colombia y la Selección Chile, dos equipos que llegan con el único objetivo de ganar para poder clasificar a la siguiente ronda. Microsoft Word - Messeprofil - Author: mai_a Created Date: 9/14/ AM.
Kolumbien Chile Chile pulled of the most shocking win of the tournament in the quarterfinals, defeating Mexico 7–0. Eduardo Vargas led the way with four goals as Chile handed Mexico its first loss since June To comparison, on all remaining Matches against other Teams Chile made a average of Home Goals Tore per Match and Team Colombia away Goals per Match. Detailed Result Comparisons, Form and Estimations can be found in the Team and League Statistics. WM-Qualifikation: Kolumbien - Chile ( November ) 10 Nov BARRANQUILLA, COLOMBIA - NOVEMBER Abel Aguilar (L) of Colombia struggles for the ball with Jean Beausejour (R) of Chile during a match between Colombia and Chile as part of FIFA World Cup Qualifiers at Metropolitano Roberto Melendez Stadium on November 10, in Barranquilla, Colombia. Colombia stars James Rodriguez and Radamel Falcao have been omitted for a pair of friendlies against Chile and Algeria, coach Carlos Queiroz said on Tuesday. more» Chile Colombia live score (and video online live stream*) starts on at UTC time in World Cup Qualification, CONMEBOL - South America. Here on SofaScore livescore you can find all Chile vs Colombia previous results sorted by their H2H matches. Links to Chile vs. Colombia video highlights are collected in the Media tab for the.
Kolumbien Chile Liveticker mit allen Spielereignissen, Toren und Statistiken zum Spiel Chile - Kolumbien - kicker. Chile Nationalelf» Bilanz gegen Kolumbien. Spiel-Bilanz aller Duelle zwischen Chile und Kolumbien sowie die letzten Spiele untereinander. Darstellung der Heimbilanz von Chile gegen Kolumbien. Kolumbien und Chile vergleichen: Demografie, Wirtschaft, Energie, Sprachen und weitere Gegenüberstellungen.

Barça Madrid Barça Madrid III. - Direkter Vergleich

Die Stars trafen, die Favoriten siegten, die südamerikanischen Eliminatorias starteten ohne Überraschung Gelbe Karte Kolumbien D. Falcao Falcao. Runde Chile - Kolumbien